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Re: BDB Corruption...

ons, 20.10.2004 kl. 17.36 skrev Jehan PROCACCIA:

> If you wish, I have relocatable  openldap 2.2.17 source RPM package at
> http://www.int-evry.fr/mci/user/procacci/SRPMS/

"If you wish": "S'il te plait", "s'il tu le veux", "s'il t'aide"?

> And Fedora Core 2 binary RPM packages at
> http://www.int-evry.fr/mci/user/procacci/SRPMS/FC2
> for instructions, see readme-jehan.txt  enclosed int the rpm.

I've long seen and admired your efforts to help others with
cross-platform rpms; thanks on behalf of all of us. I've always been a
go-it-aloner since my SCO OpenServer 5.0 days, years ago: "I'll do it in
spite of you, you bastards", and that's carried on right to today.

I've got a machine that I can put Fedora Core 3 on. For OL 2.2.17 it
will have to have BDB 4.2.52/2 as a standard header and lib choice,
Cyrus SASL 2.1.18/19, 
openssl 0.9.7d, ldapdb auxprop, Postfix 2.1.5/TLS/SASL, Courier IMAP
3.0.8/maildrop 1.7 with Openldap support. I'll be having to compile my
own dspam 3 and install and configuring my own amavisd-new 2.1 with ldap
support and all the cpan-based Perl support for it (not a little). And
(Python 2band C) pykota print quota software with LDAP support. Do you
do all those rpms as well? Does anyone?

> >after having exclusively used heavily hacked/customised redhat for years and
> >years, i switched this year to suse.  Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9 has
> >OpenLdap2.2 as standard, more than that it uses it as the standard backend for
> >users, groups AND a lot of the system configuration.  I have a 2-server cluster
> >with near-realtime journalled replication, a decent FS (Reiser!), failover
> >host/service/network clustering, and DHCP, DDNS, Samba PDC, SMTP/IMAP, HTTP all
> >using a openldap backend for auth/config.  This is without a single line of
> >custom/compiled code or config, all configured through a GUI (well, a couple of
> >lines of cluster stuff by hand).


And of course, SuSE's Enterprise Linux (God bless Novell and all Provos)
supplies all of the above, out of the box. Why the hell use Openldap
when there's eDirectory: A far superior product, is it not?


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