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Re: OpenLDAP debacle in German Paliament Administration

stephan.budach wrote:
Hi Dieter,

while I really can't imagine why one would post such an embarassing information to this list ;-)), I would be interested in how to use OpenLDAP for authenticating Windows users without AD.

You don't. You use:
-PADL's XAD maybe (which seems to include samba with some custom modules ...)

Any hints on where I should start searching for some information about this?

Not on this list ...

This is really quite well documented in the samba documentation, and it has been possible to authenticate Windows users on Unix to samba since at least 2.0.6, since 2.2.5 or so you could have all the user details in LDAP, and 3.0.x make it much easier, with 3.0.6 adding more features.

Note, it still isn't an AD replacement, but it is an alternative upgrade path from NT4 ...

Please, don't continue this thread here ... read the samba documentation and take any questions you have to the samba lists.


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