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Re: OpenLDAP debacle in German Paliament Administration

Hi Stephan,

I would start with the smbldap tools from Idealx that come with Samba (version 3.0.5 +, at least). In my experience, this is not a trivial undertaking, but I do have such an installation (finally). The short of it is that you need Samba running as a Primary Domain Controller and have it reference OpenLDAP for authentication. Quite key is using the smbldap tools to create your OpenLDAP user account entities, most likely other tools or your own hands will not get the attributes right.

Purists among us may agree that this is not the correct forum for this discussion. Likewise, purists on the Samba forums would say the same. Is there an smbldap forum? Not from the idealx.org site that I can find, but try http://www.idealx.org/prj/samba/index.fr.html (or http://www.idealx.org/prj/samba/index.en.html , but not
http://www.idealx.org/prj/samba/index.de.html ;-| ) to get a start.

Oh, and congrats on the !AD thing.


At 07:52 AM 10/13/2004, stephan.budach wrote:
Hi Dieter,

while I really can't imagine why one would post such an embarassing information to this list ;-)), I would be interested in how to use OpenLDAP for authenticating Windows users without AD.

Any hints on where I should start searching for some information about this?


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