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OpenLDAP & Windows authentication (Was: OpenLDAP debacle in German Paliament Administration)

Changed subject to reflect new topic.

At 07:52 AM 10/13/2004, stephan.budach wrote:
>I would be interested in how to use OpenLDAP for authenticating Windows users without AD.

Well, I assume you mean how could one use OpenLDAP Software
(as distributed by the OpenLDAP Project) to support
native Windows user authentication.  The short answer is, you
cannot.  slapd(8) is just a LDAP server.  Native Windows user
authentication is not LDAP-based (though recent versions of
Windows, LDAP is used to do some related things).

Now, you can configure Windows to an LDAP-based authentication
plugin module.  Or you can use Samba.  Or you use PADL's XAD.
But none of that is OpenLDAP Software (though some of it might
be able to use and/or incorporate OpenLDAP Software in some

>Any hints on where I should start searching for some information about this?

I can give you a few search terms:
        Windows authentication