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Slave accepts updates when master is down !

Hi everyone,

I've got OpenLDAP 2.0.27 installed on GNU/Linux 2.4 (Redhat) on 2 machines.
One is the master ldap server, the other is the slave ldap server.
Updates on master are correctly replicated to the slave.

I've made some tests with Softerra LDAP Administrator 3 and the behavior of the
slave is not satisfying. Indeed, when the master server is down (slapd and
slurpd are stopped), i can connect to the slave with the updatedn (declared as
the binddn for the master) and update the LDAP directory. Of course, those
updates are not replicated to the master server when slapd and slurpd are
restarted on this one. So i've got 2 different versions of the directory.

Is there any way to prevent the updatedn from being used except by the master
ldap server ?

Thanks to all.

Samuel Hilarus.