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Re: Slave accepts updates when master is down !

Selon silknews@free.fr:

> Hi everyone,
> I've got OpenLDAP 2.0.27 installed on GNU/Linux 2.4 (Redhat) on 2 machines.
> One is the master ldap server, the other is the slave ldap server.
> Updates on master are correctly replicated to the slave.
> I've made some tests with Softerra LDAP Administrator 3 and the behavior of
> the
> slave is not satisfying. Indeed, when the master server is down (slapd and
> slurpd are stopped), i can connect to the slave with the updatedn (declared
> as
> the binddn for the master) and update the LDAP directory. Of course, those
> updates are not replicated to the master server when slapd and slurpd are
> restarted on this one. So i've got 2 different versions of the directory.
> Is there any way to prevent the updatedn from being used except by the master
> ldap server ?
> Thanks to all.
> Samuel Hilarus.

To complete what's precedes : in fact, even if the master openldap server is
up, i can access to the slave openldap server with the updatedn/binddn and
update locally the directory (updates that won't propagate to the directory on
the master). It is like the "updateref" directive in slapd.conf on slave was