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RE: How many Entries can Openldap manage

Title: RE: How many Entries can Openldap manage

Don't forget to measure the type of data you are storing. For example if you have 100,000 entries containing name, description and an e-mail address may be quick on a give hardware configuration.

But, the minute you decide to assign certificate key and signing key the performance is hit due to the large amount data.

You will need to go through some planning/sizing exercise that meets your requirements.

I agree with the comments that you may need some professional assistance.

~ best of luck.

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Again, that depends on your needs. Disponibility, criticality, max server load, response time etc.
In my case, there was only one server, using BDB as backend. The best (best cache and so on) "search" throughput was greater than 1000 requests/second. But it was just a test, and I will never use that configuration for a production server. The most important is to refine and write your exact needs. Then, you may hire a professional architect to help you define the platform.


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> Thank you for your fast answers. What kind of Database do
> they use. And how many slaves I must use for 300000 Users.
> MB 
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> I think that it depends heavily on the hardware. But I suppose that OL
> can manage that amount without any problem. I have tested, by
> curiosity,
> 2,000,000 entries, and the server was ok. Actually, the perfs were not
> good, but my hardware was not the best for taht kind of usage ...
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