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Re: [REPOST] Getting OpenLDAP on RedHat AS3 working properly

Rob Tanner wrote:

Thanks for all the help.  It's up and running and I'm still working with the
schema to move from a Netscape server to OpenLDAP, and golly gosh, OpenLDAP
one heck of a lot faster.

This is really interesting to me.

I use OpenLDAP.  Basically gave iPlanet/SunONE/whatever in favor
of it.  There were a variety of reasons behind the shift (having
access to the source and being able to make key modifications being
extremely important).  And there are other considerations keeping
me with OpenLDAP still.  Back-perl is one really nice addition
that came with versions above 2.0.x.

Speed was not a prime concern, though.  In fact, writes used to be
relatively slow with OpenLDAP (particularly adding objects to the

Has anyone put more recent versions of OpenLDAP through serious
perftests and matched them up against some of the other major

Again, I'm not suggesting that speed is the main reason to go with
one product or another.  I'm maintaining a directory with about
150,000 objects using OpenLDAP.  It works.  It's really good


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