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[REPOST] Getting OpenLDAP on RedHat AS3 working properly

[I hate it when I press the send button, and that wasn't what I was intending
to do]


I have tried all sorts of things to optimize OpenLDAP performance on the
default distrubtion included with RedHat AS3, but no matter what I do, for
some attributes indexing is quick and for others it's not.  A search on uid,
for example, returns results almost instantaneously.  On the other hand, even
a search for just the presence of a cn attribute takes several seconds to
return anything (uid presence is likity split).  The RedHat build uses ldbm
and apparently only, and I'm thinking that might be the problem being that I
can't seem to switch to bdb (is an unrecognized database type).  I'm
presuming it's built with TLS/SSL, but I actually don't know that at this

What I wanted to try was to go ahead and build OpenLDAP from source, but when
I do that, I get the error: 

checking for openssl/ssl.h... no
checking for ssl.h... no
configure: error: Could not locate TLS/SSL package

The include file is in /usr/include/openssl and I even replicated it in
/usr/local/openssl just in case.  Also in /usr/lib is the library libssl3.so
which is a shared resource, and I added a link in /usr/local/lib.

Any idea what I shgould do next?


Rob Tanner
UNIX Services Manager
Linfield College, McMinnville OR