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Re: Garbage entries with intense use

The environment was set up by other person, so I can't say much.
We noticed the problem making backups with tar, and recently I have seen this again. Althoung I deleted some big branches, my tar was some mb bigger than the one I made a week before. And the .tgz file included all the .dbb files in the folder.

Howard Chu wrote:

Rafa wrote:

I have noticed that when I do massive updates on my OpenLdap my db size increases astonishingly, so I have to take an ldif and create from scratch periodically. Obvioulsy a garbage-entries problem, but seems to be very frequent. I supose it is a db problem, not an ldap problem (in that case, it would have been fixed yet ;)). I don't know exactly wich db uses my server, but it uses .dbb extensions in its files.
Do you know where is the problem exactly? If the cause is in the db engine, can you recommend me a better one?

You didn't mention the version numbers of anything you're currently using. The best available DB engine at the moment is Berkeley DB 4.2.52(+2 patches). Note that database files tend to be sparse, and generally don't actually use as much disk space as the size in their directory listing would indicate, so you may be reacting to something that isn't a real problem.