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Mailing groups

I am getting no where trying to figure out what I need to add a mailing list entry to me system. 2 questions.

First, can anyone recommend a book that covers not only setting up the basic structure for users, but goes into the mailing list end? I have not found one so far.

Second, anything jump out at anyone from my attempts below?

Sample user entry:
dn: cn=Robert Johnson,dc=costuless,dc=com
cn: rjohnson
cn: Robert Johnson
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
uid: rjohnson
givenName: Robert
sn: Johnson
mail: rjohnson@costuless.com
telephoneNumber: 425-945-0213 Ext.161

Group Attempt:
dn: cn=mis,dc=costuless,dc=com
cn: mis
cn: misdept
objectclass: groupOfMembers
objectclass: groupOfUniqueNames
member: cn=Bill Lofgren,dc=costuless,dc=com
member: cn=Robert Johnson,dc=costuless,dc=com
member: cn=Bea Shilmover,dc=costuless,dc=com
mail: mis@costuless.com

The error I get is "objectclass: value #0 invalid per syntax"

A book that goes into all this would sure save a bit of everyones time in the mailing list.

Robert A. Johnson
Systems Administrator
Cost-U-Less Inc.
3633 136th Place SE, Ste.110
Bellevue, WA 98006
425-945-0213 #161
425-945-0214 (fax)
425-417-2591 (cell)