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Re: Mailing groups

Am Mi, den 29.09.2004 schrieb Robert Johnson um 0:52:
> I am getting no where trying to figure out what I need to add a mailing 
> list entry to me system. 2 questions.
> First, can anyone recommend a book that covers not only setting up the 
> basic structure for users, but goes into the mailing list end? I have 
> not found one so far.
> Second, anything jump out at anyone from my attempts below?
> Group Attempt:
> dn: cn=mis,dc=costuless,dc=com
> cn: mis
> cn: misdept
> objectclass: groupOfMembers
> objectclass: groupOfUniqueNames
> member: cn=Bill Lofgren,dc=costuless,dc=com
> member: cn=Robert Johnson,dc=costuless,dc=com
> member: cn=Bea Shilmover,dc=costuless,dc=com
> mail: mis@costuless.com
> The error I get is "objectclass: value #0 invalid per syntax"
> A book that goes into all this would sure save a bit of everyones time 
> in the mailing list.

There is no objectclass groupOfMembers (yet), and if you use objectclass
groupOfUniqueNames you should apply apropriate attributes of that
specific objectclass.