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Re: [REPOST] Getting OpenLDAP on RedHat AS3 working properly

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

The consensus on the list is that the ancient versions shipping with RH (both ES 3 and RH 9) should not be used for production setups. Grab the latest stable source tarball from openldap.org and compile yurself. You will also need to build some needed packages like BerkeleyDB and maybe OpenSSL because the versions included are not compatible with what the latest OpenLDAP wants.

If you're using RHES presumably you're in a production environment and only installing rpms is a good policy in that case. It would probably be easier to install initially and much easier to maintain over time if you took the source rpm from Fedora or some other distribution and rebuilt it, then installed that. The RPM spec format is a bit cryptic initially, but its well documented and easy to work with once you understand it. Since Fedora is so similar to RHES there's not likely to be much spec rewriting necessary if any. To get started, check out the rpmbuild man page and http://www.rpm.org/ . Good luck.


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