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Re: [REPOST] Getting OpenLDAP on RedHat AS3 working properly

I have tried all sorts of things to optimize OpenLDAP performance on the
default distrubtion included with RedHat AS3, but no matter what I do, for
some attributes indexing is quick and for others it's not. A search on uid,
for example, returns results almost instantaneously. On the other hand, even
a search for just the presence of a cn attribute takes several seconds to
return anything (uid presence is likity split). The RedHat build uses ldbm
and apparently only, and I'm thinking that might be the problem being that I
can't seem to switch to bdb (is an unrecognized database type). I'm
presuming it's built with TLS/SSL, but I actually don't know that at this

The consensus on the list is that the ancient versions shipping with RH (both ES 3 and RH 9) should not be used for production setups. Grab the latest stable source tarball from openldap.org and compile yurself. You will also need to build some needed packages like BerkeleyDB and maybe OpenSSL because the versions included are not compatible with what the latest OpenLDAP wants.