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Re: Adding users with email address

At 12:01 PM 9/23/2004, Robert Johnson wrote:
>Here is a sample entry:
>dn: cn=rjohnson,dc=costuless,dc=com
>cn: rjohnson
>cn: Robert Johnson
>objectclass: person
>sn: Johnson
>mail: rjohnson@costuless.com 

As the server indicated, this entry violates the
schema (object class violation) by including an
attribute, 'mail', which is not allowed to be present
in entries belong to the 'person' class.

You need to change the entry so that it conforms
to the rules.  If you don't understand the rules,
you should read up on them.  The rules are not
special to OpenLDAP Software, they are standardized
in LDAP/X.500 technical specifications.

I suggest you read a good book on LDAP/X.500.
See the General LDAP FAQ for suggestions.

I also note that the general LDAP list <ldap@umich.edu>
is available to ask general LDAP questions.