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Re: Adding users with email address

You have to make sure the attribute you want to use is actually defined as 
allowed for the objectclass you are using.  Take another look at the 
schema file and see whether 'mail' is listed under MAY for the objectclass 
'person'.  Hint:  it isn't.  ;-)


On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Robert Johnson wrote:

> I just found an item finally in the archives that stated I need the 
> inetorgperson schema added. i have done that in the slapd.conf file and 
> restarted and stil get the same error.
> I have the basic install of OpenLDAP and am trying to add users
> utilizing ldapadd and an ldif file.
> In the core.schema it has a definition for a mail attribute but when I
> try and add the users email address I get an "Object class violation"
> with additional info of "attribute 'mail' not allowed".
> I have searched for this item and have been unsucessful at finding or
> figuring out how to get this to work.
> I have the core.schema loading and added cosine.schema since it also has
> an entry for mail, but I still get the same error.
> Here is a sample entry:
> dn: cn=rjohnson,dc=costuless,dc=com
> cn: rjohnson
> cn: Robert Johnson
> objectclass: person
> sn: Johnson
> mail: rjohnson@costuless.com
> Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?
> Thank you

Craig Dunigan