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Re: Outlook sees group, but no addresses show up.

At 07:16 AM 9/20/2004, Christopher Hicks wrote:
>Incidentally, does this reflect an official attitude of the OpenLDAP team or the mailing list maintainer?  Since your email address is @openldap.org I'm assuming you're official to some degree.

The list charter and list policies are available at

 OpenLDAP Software (OpenLDAP-software)
  This mailing list is for technical discussions of use topics
  specific to OpenLDAP Software (as well as JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP).
  All users of OpenLDAP Software should subscribe to this list.
  This list can have a high volume of messages.  Note: Use topics
  not specific to OpenLDAP Software, such has how to properly use
  various non-OpenLDAP Directory-enabled applications, should be
  directed elsewhere.

We also advise every subscriber with this note:

  This list is for discussions regarding the use of OpenLDAP software.

  Note: Discussions of regarding how to use non-OpenLDAP applications
  (such as PAM/LDAP or NSS/LDAP) and/or how to use dependent software
  (Cyrus SASL, OpenSSL) is off-topic here.  Such discussions should
  be taken to other lists.