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Re: Outlook sees group, but no addresses show up.

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
The list charter and list policies are available at

I read them before I posted or subscribed.

OpenLDAP Software (OpenLDAP-software)
 This mailing list is for technical discussions of use topics
 specific to OpenLDAP Software (as well as JLDAP and JDBC-LDAP).
 All users of OpenLDAP Software should subscribe to this list.

I had foolishly construed that to mean that technical people using OpenLDAP could talk about how they're using OpenLDAP and the problems they're having with it. I'm sorry for failing to consider the words "specific to" with adequate importance. I will ask no more questions on this mailing list about how to use openldap with ANYTHING else. OK?

 This list can have a high volume of messages.  Note: Use topics
 not specific to OpenLDAP Software, such has how to properly use
 various non-OpenLDAP Directory-enabled applications, should be
 directed elsewhere.

It would be good if such an elsewhere were centrally available or even existant. Interestingly when searching for this topic on google, the BEST place to find information is in the archives for THIS mailing list. At least I'm not the first fool to think this were the place to ask/discuss this sort of thing.

As I asked before and you so blithely ignored, would the OpenLDAP project being will to start an interoperability mailing list for people that are using OpenLDAP with things other than itself?

We also advise every subscriber with this note:

 This list is for discussions regarding the use of OpenLDAP software.

 Note: Discussions of regarding how to use non-OpenLDAP applications
 (such as PAM/LDAP or NSS/LDAP) and/or how to use dependent software
 (Cyrus SASL, OpenSSL) is off-topic here.  Such discussions should
 be taken to other lists.

Is there really a list for discussing Outlook LDAP issues? I can't find it. Others haven't been able to find it. I'm not saying I searched exhaustively, but a couple hours in front of google on an Opteron and a T1 is more effort than should be required I hope.


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