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deferring operation

Im seeing this in my log files.

connection_input: conn=XXXX deferring operation: binding

Im in the process of upgrading from 2.0.27 to 2.2.11 and I know I have
a bad situation at the moment with a MIT kerberos kdc.  I plan to have
the heimdal kdc running asap.

on the mit kdc, when I start seeing a lot of these messages (deferring
operation: binding) I also see the following message in my krbkdc.log

DISPATCH: repeated (retransmited?) request from port 88
resending previous response

just want to know if anyone can confirm my theory that the thread safe
problem in the mit implementation can produce this error in OpenLDAP.

also if enough time passes without restarting OpenLDAP and the kdc,
nobody can bind.


Jonathan Higgins
IT R&D Project Manager
Kennesaw State University