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Re: Question about fancy replication

tor, 09.09.2004 kl. 15.35 skrev Pavel Tcholakov:

> I hope somebody can point me in the right direction. I read about
> slurpd and syncrepl, and I think syncrepl is more suited to my needs,
> but not an exact match.

> Now the issue arises from the fact that not all sites have permanent
> connectivity and they almost always have dynamic IP addresses. I've
> set up dynamic DNS, so they each have a static symbolic name, but I'd
> like not to rely on slurpd retrying the whole time in push mode. I'd
> prefer if I could initiate a pull from each site the moment they
> connect.


1: I've held off from using syncrepl because I've not read one single
posting that says: "yippee, it works fine with the latest stable
Openldap version" (Mine's 2.2.15);

2: None of the docs I've read mention any pull mode for slurpd. But
don't worry ;) the slave server can be down for days, you can make any
mods you like to the master, the replica log will grow and grow with
each modification and the moment the slave comes up, bingo - it will get
updated. At least, that's what I've experienced with 2.2.15. slurpd with
its mechanism might be antiquated, but it's enormously effective.

Relevant doco for 2.2 has now become really good, no complaints :)
Quanah's  docs at Stanford fill in most of the holes.


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