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Question about fancy replication

Hello list,

I hope somebody can point me in the right direction. I read about
slurpd and syncrepl, and I think syncrepl is more suited to my needs,
but not an exact match.

What I'd like to achieve is have a large tree hosted (and updated)
centrally, and a number of sites which replicate a dedicated subtree
each. Something like this:

On my central server:


On the server for site A:


And so on for every site.

Now the issue arises from the fact that not all sites have permanent
connectivity and they almost always have dynamic IP addresses. I've
set up dynamic DNS, so they each have a static symbolic name, but I'd
like not to rely on slurpd retrying the whole time in push mode. I'd
prefer if I could initiate a pull from each site the moment they

I intend to use the LDAP information for storing email user accounts
and aliases in combination with Postfix and a LDAP-enabled POP3

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,