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Re: SSL + Replica

fre, 10.09.2004 kl. 13.13 skrev Andreas Zimmermann:

> Yes, exactly there was the problem. 
> Is there a solution for adding new users into ldap via the adduser/useradd 
> script? Or do I always have to add them manually?

I use everything from phpldapadmin to GQ, but the finest way I've found
of adding (thousands) of users to an many-faceted LDAP DIT using a
regular text file of first-middle-last names, has been awk.
Unfortunately it can't cope with utf-8 or ISO coding (at least my gawk
3.1 can't).

If you haven't learned awk or sed yet, do. Together with regexps and
clients such as ldapsearch they're fantastic tools, as far as Openldap
is concerned. Knowledge of basic shell scripting and imagination are the
only limits.


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