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Re: two problems when migrating from 2.1.30 to 2.2.15

At 03:56 PM 9/5/2004, vadim wrote:
>I have not got your point when you write
>See the Berkeley DB documentation for actions required of
>> you after making certain kinds of changes to DB_CONFIG.
>What are "certain kind of changes"?

I defer to the documentation.

>I was always making 
>ldapadd with 2.1.30 and log files were deleted. Now I 
>started with empty db and 2.2.15, log files are not deleted. 

I am unaware of any change in OpenLDAP Software which would
impact how Berkeley DB processes its configuration file.
By design, OpenLDAP Software avoids impacting the particulars
of Berkeley DB configuration.

>Which part of the documentation you mentioned and what are 
>these changes ?!?

I don't recall precisely (and do not have time nor energy to
locate the text for you).

>Now about "garbage". I know that "---" is garbage. However 
>I really don't like going any further RFC when deciding how to 
>process data, I believe "matter of taste" is out of scope in this discussion.

I don't think you really need to read any technical
specification to understand that the character string
"---" does not represent a telephone number.