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Re: slurpd question with GSSAPI

On 08/26/2004 01:52:40 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
Yes (I actually just answered this a few days ago for someone else, so it is still fresh in my mind) :P


Dec10 = Hex 0a

Per the section of ldap.h handling these error codes:

#define LDAP_REFERRAL               0x0a /* LDAPv3 */

I bet your updateDN doesn't match the DN of slurpd's bind now that you modified the regexp?

Again, great! Thanks so very much.. it worked you are right, I just needed to make sure all the dn's were the same, EXACTLY the same.

Thanks, again!

Derek T. Yarnell
UNIX System Administrator
Computer Science Deparment
University of Maryland