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Re: slurpd question with GSSAPI

On 08/26/2004 01:02:36 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
Oh, one other thing that may make your life easier. ;)

You can, of course, use completely different entities for the slurpd replication than "host/blah@realm". That is actually what I do. I use "service/ldap@stanford.edu". You can do this by setting environment variables to slurpd about what K5 ticket to use (and then just keep a k5 ticket around for it with something like k5start). So you could technically have two different entities for replication, which would also solve your problem.

Thanks, Quanah for all your help. So I changed the sasl-regex as you said, and i think I have gotten the right db now, but I am getting an error still, is there a listing to what err=?? is somewhere?

Aug 26 13:27:40 ripper slapd[23310]: [ID 951063 local4.debug] conn=102 op=3 BIND authcid="host/torch.cs.umd.edu@CSIC.UMD.EDU"
Aug 26 13:27:40 ripper slapd[23310]: [ID 996101 local4.debug] conn=102 op=3 BIND dn="uid=host/torch.cs.umd.edu@csic.umd.edu,cn=cs.umd.edu,
cn=gssapi,cn=auth" mech=GSSAPI ssf=56
Aug 26 13:27:40 ripper slapd[23310]: [ID 513112 local4.debug] conn=102 op=4 ADD dn="cn=testgroup,ou=groups,dc=csic,dc=umd,dc=edu"
Aug 26 13:27:40 ripper slapd[23310]: [ID 217296 local4.debug] conn=102 op=4 RESULT tag=105 err=10 text=
Aug 26 13:27:40 ripper slapd[23310]: [ID 952275 local4.debug] conn=102 fd=15 closed

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