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Re: use several versions of slapd on the same machine

man, 23.08.2004 kl. 17.47 skrev François Beretti:

> For some reasons I want to use two versions of OpenLDAP' slapd, with two 
> configuration files, two databases...
> Is it possible to install slapd in a unique independant directory, so 
> that it does not conflicts with the clean package installation for 
> example ? Then I just have to run slapd specifying the port to listen 
> to, and maybe the alternate config file.

Why not? Every time you run 'make test' (which you probably don't ;)
that happens. I used to run a test server on another port (you either
have to do that or run the server on another IP/virtual host) and it
worked fine. You give the config files to the daemons in the startup
script, and in the files you specify the location for the DB..


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