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Re: OpenLDAP with back-sql schemacheck

Remco Post wrote:

I guess that is my problem, posixaccount has an axillary relation to
top, but no structural. I guess I could change te world around by adding
a person objectclass to my records, to fix this, provided that the other
problem I mentiond, and you are fixing now is solved....

The current code in HEAD fixes your problems, i.e. you can explicitly
ask for objectClasses define din ldap_entry_objclasses in ldapsearch;
you can also filter for those objectClasses.  There are a few more cleanups
and I'm preparing a test for back-sql that should get rid of all problems
we're seeing right now by requiring functional features not to be lost
within code improvements.

Due to the nature of back-sql, the test is disbaled by default; one needs to
explicitly enable it AFTER configuring and populating an appropriate


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