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Re: slapd crashing

lør, 14.08.2004 kl. 22.26 skrev Craig White:


> My issue(s) are much simpler. I have two installations - at my house (1
> user) and at a specific client with approx 25 users. Version 2.0.7
> works, it's clearly not state of the art LDAP but it works and it is
> minimal hassle. 
> I can readily appreciate that larger networks can justify the extra
> effort necessary to bring openldap to current but I can't justify this
> to my customer, fixing something that isn't broken. That was of course
> one of the selling points of RH AS 3 - you may consider it useless but
> it isn't broken. The problem that RHEL customers have is when they ask
> questions here on this list, the answer is obviously get current.

I dare say my response was somewhat crass. But in practice, I have to
authenticate Unix (e.g. shell login, ssh, gdm etc.) and non-Unix users
(e.g mail, web, IMAP) over multiple servers with a single password,
single DIT, sometimes SASL, sometimes not (depending on the
application), replicating DITs and with a guarantee of 24x7 reliability
and access. I could not possibly do that with RH's OL and Padl offering
on RHEL3 or RHAS3. RH's offering for Padl alone does not allow half of
what I have to do.

I've been using Openldap for 2 or 3 years now, began around 2.1.6 on RH
7.2 and am now at 2.2.15 on RHAS3/RHEL3. Openldap 2.2.15 is absolutely
mind-blowing in terms of speed, reliability and possibilities, compared
to where I began. The same with today's Padl. I have to deliver
reliability coupled with versatility. It's mortifying to have to admit
to one's principal's (i.e. RedHat's) failure to keep up with one of the
most important technologies within OSS - especially when it's so far
ahead on other sectors (kernel, httpd, cross-platform drivers,
management and many others).


My resume - CV - says that I speak a few languages fluently. I
have academic qualifications in all of them. It doesn't mention
"catese" or "dogese". I speak fluent catese and reasonable dogese,
but I've never taken any exams in them, never needed to.

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