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Re: slapd crashing

On Sat, 2004-08-14 at 11:06, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> lør, 14.08.2004 kl. 06.00 skrev Craig White:
> > I agree - I am using AS 3.0 at one client and WBEL at home - both
> > obviously on 2.0.7
> > 
> > It works - I am using ldbm - can I use newer techniques, features,
> > sophisticated ACL's? No
> > 
> > There's nothing wrong in their SSL libraries as distributed in RH AS
> > 3.0, they do work.
> I'm a paid-up, professional RHAS3 - and Openldap - consultant. I
> my own systems, make them work and get paid for it.
> Let me tell you that RedHat's RHEL3 and RHAS3 Openldap implementation
> SHIT, just as is RedHat's pam_ldap and nss_ldap. It all has to be
> chucked off and *PROPER* stuff substituted. *IT IS UTTER CRAP AND
> That being said, I still swear by RedHat RHAS3 and RHEL3 as a base OS.
> My EURO 99,99 cent's worth.
no dispute here.

My issue(s) are much simpler. I have two installations - at my house (1
user) and at a specific client with approx 25 users. Version 2.0.7
works, it's clearly not state of the art LDAP but it works and it is
minimal hassle. 

I can readily appreciate that larger networks can justify the extra
effort necessary to bring openldap to current but I can't justify this
to my customer, fixing something that isn't broken. That was of course
one of the selling points of RH AS 3 - you may consider it useless but
it isn't broken. The problem that RHEL customers have is when they ask
questions here on this list, the answer is obviously get current.