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ldbm backend database corruption problem


We are running OpenLDAP 2.2.6 with an LDBM backend. I experience some very
strange database corruption once in a while. This results in the
phpLDAPAdmin front-end we are using not displaying some of the entries.
But the entries do exist, because they are found if you search for them
and they work fine for authenticating, etc.

Usually we were able to fix the problem by stopping slapd, run slapindex
and re-start slapd. But this does not work anymore either.

As a next step I tried to make a backup copy using slapcat. But this omits
a whole prfix' subtree. Unfortunately the most important one. So the idea
to export, migrtate to a BDB backend (which I understand is preferable
anyway) and reimport the user database with slapadd is also impossible.

Interesting enough, with a ldapsearch over the suffix in question all
entries _seem_ to be exportet correctly.

Any idea?

Are there and tools available to maybe completele delete and re-build the
index files?