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Re: SLAPD denial of connections under load

tor, 12.08.2004 kl. 02.43 skrev James Courtney:

> Better as it's own thread...
> Our other problem is that under high load from the mail server we see
> that Maildrop claims it cannot connect to the LDAP server.  They are
> on the same system and Maildrop connects to localhost rather than
> going out over the network and back.  Maildrop's ldap_simple_bind_s is
> returning 81 (0x51) which is defined as the constant LDAP_SERVER_DOWN.
> The server has been up for 24 hours now and is generally responsive
> though so this is confusing.  Under what conditions would slapd not
> accept a network connection?  Threads + backlog exceeded?

I read the threads from youngest to oldest, so I haven't seen the
original thread - yet. My MUA says I have 236 as-yet unread postings on
this list :(

I don't know what OL version, MTA nor maildrop version you use. The
symptoms you describe, I had with earliest OL 2.1 versions and early
Exim 4.x.

I have no problems with extremely highly loaded OL 2.2.15, SASL
LDAP-based Postfix 2.1.4 and maildrop 1.6.3a systems, all running on
differently configured, different classes of IBM hardware/RedHat RHAS3.
I, too, have the LDAP DB running on the same MTA/maildrop servers (and
LDAP-based Courier IMAP), though the LDAP DB itself is replicated
(slurpd), so that other systems on the networks query their local

It'll be interesting to see your original posting ;)


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