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RE: Bind Fails on AIX 5.1 due to getaddrinfo parm

I re-ran configuration to use openldap-2.2.13/build/mkdep.aix...
I rebuilt the system and reran "make test" ...
... with the same result.

BTW, the only difference between the versions of mkdep.aix is the

Howard Chu sent a response to my posting suggesting using
I am in the process of testing that now.


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Subject: Re: Bind Fails on AIX 5.1 due to getaddrinfo parm

--On Wednesday, August 11, 2004 8:08 PM -0700 "Bennett, Tony - CNF" 
<Bennett.Tony@cnf.com> wrote:

>             MKDEP=/dnload/ldap_dir/openldap-2.1.30/build/mkdep.aix \

Wouldn't this cause a problem? Shouldn't it be updated to OpenLDAP


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