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Re: authentication with TLS

What does any of this have to do with OpenLDAP Software?
If you are having some trouble with OpenLDAP Software,
you should describe it in terms of OpenLDAP Software.
(Note ssh, su, id, nss, nss_ldap are not OpenLDAP Software.)
If you having trouble with slapd(8), I suggest you work
it out using ldapsearch(1).  Then apply this experience
to other non-OpenLDAP Software clients.  If you have
problems with the latter, well, that's generally a
problem for another list (about the particular software
you are using).


At 04:35 PM 8/10/2004, Isabelle Heu wrote:
>i'm trying to configure openldap with tls for authentication.
>the authentication without tls works fine.
>but with tls, i got 
>[heu@tharmine admin]$ ssh heu@istpc13
>heu@istpc13's password:
>id: cannot find name for user ID 2104
>id: ne peut trouver le nom de l'identificateur de groupe 504
>id: ne peut trouver le nom de l'usager ID 2104
>but as root, it finds the name
>[I have no name!@istpc13 heu]$ su
>[root@istpc13 heu]# id heu
>uid=2104(heu) gid=504(encad) groupes=504(encad)
>i don't understand why it cannot find the username associated with the uid.
>does someone has an idea?
>thanks in advance
>Isabelle Heu
>Institut de Sciences et Technologie
>Univ. Paris 6