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authentication with TLS

i'm trying to configure openldap with tls for authentication.
the authentication without tls works fine.
but with tls, i got 
[heu@tharmine admin]$ ssh heu@istpc13
heu@istpc13's password:
id: cannot find name for user ID 2104
id: ne peut trouver le nom de l'identificateur de groupe 504
id: ne peut trouver le nom de l'usager ID 2104

but as root, it finds the name
[I have no name!@istpc13 heu]$ su
[root@istpc13 heu]# id heu
uid=2104(heu) gid=504(encad) groupes=504(encad)

i don't understand why it cannot find the username associated with the uid.
does someone has an idea?
thanks in advance
Isabelle Heu
Institut de Sciences et Technologie
Univ. Paris 6