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Re: LDAP browser

Hi people,

I tried jxplorer but it gives "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" messages
and stops reading my openldap DIT, which has about 15000 entries.
The interface looks beautifull, but ...
I am using linux, and have 512MB RAM
GQ works very well, on same DIT.


anis wrote:

did you write the whole DN of the root user?

I would suggest you use JXPlorer. It´s not only a viewer, you couls also
manage your entities with it. and it´s free:


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Subject: LDAP browser

Does any one know how to make LDAPBROWSER work? I can connect as anonymous
user but not as a root or any other user. I get connection failed error. I
am very new to OpenLDAP wondering what to do?

Thanks for any input,