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Re: federated directory

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 16:39, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I might have missed your initial message; however, I think you can do that
> with slurpd as well; in that case you need to build slapd as multi-master,
> but use that option wisely, i.e. to make each instance of slapd master of
> its own data.  In that case, the replicas should be replicas for the
> shared data, and replicate only the portion of DIT they master the to
> other instances of slapd by using the "suffix" option of the "replica"
> directive.  Note that this should work in principle, but I haven't tested
> it (yet).  If you're comfortable with syncrepl then go ahead, since slurpd
> is slowly fading away and syncrepl will eventually replace it.

interesting - I thought multi master was declared dead and impossible to
implement with OpenLDAP... The main problem I had with slurpd was
stopping it replicating twice if there were two replica directives,
however, I dont have my old configs to provide details.

syncrepl seems to work apart from the entryUUID problem. I've posted on
a different thread about that. It is 100% reproducible so if I dont hear
from anyone in the next day or so I will file a bug report on ITS.


> p.
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