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Re: federated directory

> answering one of my own questions...
> this is definitely possible. I've done some basic tests with directories
> split across different database backends. It works quite well as long as
> you use syncrepl and not slurpd.
> The only issue that I've found is that syncrepl screws up the entryUUID
> attributes. I assume they should be identical on all replicas(?) but in
> fact they are garbage on all the replicas. Even when decoded from base64
> they make no sense.
> I've used 2.2.14 on all instances

I might have missed your initial message; however, I think you can do that
with slurpd as well; in that case you need to build slapd as multi-master,
but use that option wisely, i.e. to make each instance of slapd master of
its own data.  In that case, the replicas should be replicas for the
shared data, and replicate only the portion of DIT they master the to
other instances of slapd by using the "suffix" option of the "replica"
directive.  Note that this should work in principle, but I haven't tested
it (yet).  If you're comfortable with syncrepl then go ahead, since slurpd
is slowly fading away and syncrepl will eventually replace it.


Pierangelo Masarati

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