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Re: OpenLDAP compile with nptl support?

Simon Gao wrote:

Thanks for your reply.

The reason I ask this question is that when I tried compiling OpenLDAP 2.2.14 on Gentoo linux, it failed finding pthread library/header if nptl enabled. However, if disable nptl, then OpenLDAP 2.2.14 compiles without problem.

I checked SuSe 9.1 on AMD 64 machine (x86_64). The nptl support is not there. Maybe 32-bit code has nptl support enabled?

I don't know about 64 bit SuSE, I'm only running it on a 32 bit Intel box.

Anyway, my problem is that after enabling nptl, then "linuxthreads-0.10 by Xavier Leroy" will be replace by a line says "NPTL .....". This causes OpenLDAP config process failed finding pthreads library and exited. Is there a way to tell OpneLDAP to look for different thread library? Or is it possible to have both nptl and old pthread enabled at the same time?

No, it is not possible to use both NPTL and LinuxThreads at the same time in a single program. OpenLDAP doesn't care which thread library you use as long as it supports the POSIX threads specification.

You should look in the config.log file to see why it failed to find the threads library.
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