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Re: debugging tls (apache2 mod_ldap)

* Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> [0709 22:09]:
> At 07:18 AM 7/7/2004, Dick Davies wrote:
> >Hi there, sorry if this is a bit offtopic
> It is.

Thought so... tell you what, forget I ever mentioned apache.

> >I can use ldapsearch to see entries in the server in question, but oddly
> >it doesn't return to a prompt, it seems to hang.
> You might want to figure out why ldapsearch(1) seems to hang.

I'm beginning to suspect the server to be honest (don't think it's
openldap). I'll get a debug output of that tomorrow.

> For ldapsearch(1), I suggest you enable debugging
> (see ldapsearch(1) and slapd(8)) for applicable command
> line options.   

I wondered if there was a way to enable logging
in the library itself, rather than the binaries.

> And, when asking for help, you should
> attempt to provide sufficient details

Well since I thought it was OT, I didn't want to spam anyone with
screens of logs. I just wondered if the API calls in the code
looked familiar to anyone. Guess not :)

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