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Re: debugging tls (apache2 mod_ldap)

At 07:18 AM 7/7/2004, Dick Davies wrote:
>Hi there, sorry if this is a bit offtopic

It is.  Please direct questions specific to mod_ldap to a
list about mod_ldap.

>I can use ldapsearch to see entries in the server in question, but oddly
>it doesn't return to a prompt, it seems to hang.

You might want to figure out why ldapsearch(1) seems to hang.
It's generally wise to first get OpenLDAP provided components
to work together before adding non-OpenLDAP Software to the

>My question is really whether there's any debugging steps I can take?

For ldapsearch(1), I suggest you enable debugging
(see ldapsearch(1) and slapd(8)) for applicable command
line options.   And, when asking for help, you should
attempt to provide sufficient details (command input,
command output, server log fragments, software version
information, platform description, etc.).

>Ideally I'd happily just use SSL, it looks to me like it's trying to
>to TLS inside the SSL session, which just seems silly.

SSL and TLS are two names for the same thing (see archives).
OpenLDAP Software (including libraries) will error if you
attempt to do so.

>Do I have an option to just do SSL without TLS,

Since SSL is TLS (and TLS is SSL), no.