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Re: slapd segfaults with SASL/GSSAPI binds

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 22:09, Howard Chu wrote:
> Most likely since you're using a BDB that you built, it's different from 
> the version that was bundled on your system before. Whatever 
> /lib/libnss_db is, it probably was compiled against an older version of 
> BDB. A BDB version mismatch like this will frequently cause SEGVs. 
> You'll have to rebuild libnss_db, or make sure it doesn't get used. 
> There's nothing in OpenLDAP software related to this problem.

Yeah, you're probably right.  I didn't build BerkeleyDB with the
--with-uniquename option, which apperently fixes problems such as this. 
I'll give it a try tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that will take care of

Chris Schadl