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Re: Multiple names for base dn?

> Folk,
> I'm switching our base dn from o=NCSU,c=US to dc=ncsu,dc=edu.
> Unfortunately, a lot of folk are currently using o=NCSU,c=US.  In an ideal
> world, I'd like to see o=NCSU,c=US effectively be an alias to
> dc=ncsu,dc=edu.  Is this possible?  Any suggestions?  =/  I can not see
> any way to utilize aliases or referals to accomplish this, since they are
> different bases.

One solution is to add a LDAP database like:

database bdb
suffix "dc=ncsu,dc=edu"
# other regular db settings

database ldap
suffix "o=NCSU,c=US"
suffixmassage "o=NCSU,c=US" "dc=ncsu,dc=edu"
uri ldap://
# uri ldapi:// may be an alternative, since you're using
# the same server anyway.

see slapd-ldap(5) for details.


Pierangelo Masarati

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