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Re: slapadd/bdb tuning newbie

Gary LaVoy wrote:

> set in slapd.conf for each of these db's respectively. I am not sure how
the cachesize in slapd.conf and DB_CONFIG work with each other, if at all, so I didn't want the addition of all these to be too large.

This seems to be an FAQ... The back-bdb cachesize configures the back-bdb entry cache; it is the number of LDAP entries that back-bdb will keep in memory to satisfy LDAP queries. In regard to the current email topic, it's worth noting that slapadd doesn't generate LDAP queries, and so the entry cache isn't involved. (Likewise for slapcat/slapindex/etc...)

Maybe setting set_cachesize 0 500000000 0 for each would still be under my total real RAM limit and help out?

It may help, yes. I would look at your db_stat info and see how the existing cache performed first, though.

And, yes, the logs and the db are on the same disk. for development purposes I can move them to a space on the system disk since I own root on the box just to see how much improvement I can get. If it's really significant I can request this for production as an exception (where app teams do not have root)

If you upgrade to BDB 4.2 you can configure BDB to omit the transaction logs. That should help slapadd a bit, but again, you don't want to run slapd with that setting. You should definitely try it with the separate disk and see how much difference it makes.
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