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Re: Manage own LDAP Address book entry

tir, 22.06.2004 kl. 12.16 skrev Mario Ohnewald:

> Since i got OpenLDAP running now, i would like to know how i can give each
> user access to change it's OWN profile/address book entry.
> The user should log into ldap with his email address and a password.
> The question: Where do i set it's password?
> I guess i could make a atribute "password" but what about the
> samba/unix/email login password? They should all be the same, and i don't
> want to make multiple password atributes in my object units.
> ( i hope i uses atribute and object units right here)
> My current DB:
> dc=my-domain,dc=com
> 	ou=addressbook
> 		cn=Mario test
> 		cn=test test 
> I might have a structure problem here ;)
> Please let me know what you think, and if i explained it well.
> And please try to use a "easy" language to explain a solution to me, since


If you found it out thus far for yourself, not having read anything,
It's praiseworthy.

OTOH, you would do better to grab the Admin Guide from www.openldap.org
and follow that. Which version you choose will depend on which version
of Openldap you're using. Begin with the Quick Start section and work
your way through the rest. There's also a FAQ in which all of your
questions will probably have been answered.

When you ask questions about a problem, always note which version of
Openldap you're using and what you've read and done to solve your




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