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Re: Manage own LDAP Address book entry

Hi Tonni,

> tir, 22.06.2004 kl. 12.16 skrev Mario Ohnewald:
> If you found it out thus far for yourself, not having read anything,
That is not the case, i have been reading all day long :o)

> It's praiseworthy.
> OTOH, you would do better to grab the Admin Guide from www.openldap.org
> and follow that. Which version you choose will depend on which version
> of Openldap you're using. Begin with the Quick Start section 

Which i did.

>and work
> your way through the rest. 

Which i am trying to do now. However, i find it hard to understand the
structure of the Openldap system, but i am getting there.

>There's also a FAQ in which all of your
> questions will probably have been answered.

I will look into that.

> When you ask questions about a problem, always note which version of
> Openldap you're using and what you've read and done to solve your
> problem.


Thanks, Mario

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