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Manage own LDAP Address book entry

Since i got OpenLDAP running now, i would like to know how i can give each
user access to change it's OWN profile/address book entry.
The user should log into ldap with his email address and a password.
The question: Where do i set it's password?
I guess i could make a atribute "password" but what about the
samba/unix/email login password? They should all be the same, and i don't
want to make multiple password atributes in my object units.
( i hope i uses atribute and object units right here)

My current DB:
		cn=Mario test
		cn=test test 

I might have a structure problem here ;)
Please let me know what you think, and if i explained it well.
And please try to use a "easy" language to explain a solution to me, since
this all confuses me really easily.

Thanks so much!

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