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Re: 8 hours tests ends with inconsistent DB.

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Trevor Warren wrote:
| Hello Quanah,
|  I totally agree with you on the same. Infact this is
| the norm for all the performance tests carried out by
| us for any system under test.
|  We started out with 1 Lakh records and are still at
| one lakh since the god damn thing manages to go down
| at the drop of a hat.
|  I just ended an 8 hour test on my HP DL580 G1
| 4cpu-4Gb machine for 200 users with think time.
| Writes/s are 28 but the server aborted with the same
| malloc error as in yesterdays overnite test.
|  Qunanh.....all said and done unless this setup can
| scale atleast for 1 Lakh users i can't recommend it
| for my setups across 50 countries across the world.
| More importantly i am very interested ni seeing Open
| Source scale.

Well, to see it "scale", you need to start at the bottom and work up. Otherwise you have just tried a large-scale deployment (and done no scaling).

|  I humbly hope my feedback is helping developers
| understand issues and scale the app by elimnation of
| the code bottlenecks as soon as possible.
|  BTW: My aim was to get to 50million users...:D. Its
| one of the largest systems worldwide we would have
| ever built if we ever did.

Well, I have seen absolultely no problems like this on automated testing
with batch imports of 250000 entries (approx 80 minutes via ldapadd with
transaction logging enabled and with 2 slaves), followed query sets by
12-16 simultaneous clients while the LDAP service was being migrated
between node members (serving about 11000 reads/minute).

I was running on Dell 1650s (P3-1GHz/1GB ram) writing to an EMC
Clariion, running Openldap-2.1.{25,29,30} on db- on Red Hat
Enterprise 2.1.

I would suggest you start at a similar position (with a "stable" release
of openldap with a reasonable size database), and scale from there.

However, I simply can't agree with your statement that the "damn thing
manages to go down at the drop of a hat". I haven't seen one instance of
a slapd crash in my tests (but, I am not doing any SASL/krb5 stuff for


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