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Re: 8 hours tests ends with inconsistent DB.

--- Buchan Milne <bgmilne@obsidian.co.za> wrote:
> with batch imports of 250000 entries (approx 80
> minutes via ldapadd with
> transaction logging enabled and with 2 slaves),
> followed query sets by
> 12-16 simultaneous clients while the LDAP service
> was being migrated
> between node members (serving about 11000
> reads/minute).

 Have you bombarded your system with Zero think time
tests and 200-500+ users. Do you understand the amount
of stree the system is required to handle when
200-500+ users hit a system housing 1million records
with no think time ????.

 A 15-20 user test i am sure i will get openldap to
excel at. I want my feedback to help us all scale this
setup to Enterprise needs.

 BTW: A Zero think time test never can be imitated in
any real life situation since every user infuses a
large amount of think time into the action of using an
 Also...a 200+ user test without Think Time is real
high load for any system. If it can withstand this
test as an 8 hour ordeal.....we have a REAL Stable
System here.

> I was running on Dell 1650s (P3-1GHz/1GB ram)
> writing to an EMC
> Clariion, running Openldap-2.1.{25,29,30} on
> db- on Red Hat
> Enterprise 2.1.

 Mike...i to have some of the best h/w and storage $$
can buy. Thats why i am trying to push openldap to the
max on em.

> I would suggest you start at a similar position
> (with a "stable" release
> of openldap with a reasonable size database), and
> scale from there.

 Did some tests on 1lakh records and now am on 1
million records.

> However, I simply can't agree with your statement
> that the "damn thing
> manages to go down at the drop of a hat". I haven't
> seen one instance of
> a slapd crash in my tests (but, I am not doing any
> SASL/krb5 stuff for
> instance).

 No SSL here. But an 8 hour pounding with 200 users
for a simple write only test takes it down. 
 I don't deny that there could be several other params
wrt to the OS/SUT that need to be tweaked. Isnt' that
what this is all about..:D


> Regards,
> Buchan
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