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Re: Trouble with Authenticating...

At 06:22 PM 6/9/2004, Ben Bargabus wrote:
>I'm writing a program using the OpenLDAP libraries and everything seemed
>to be going along just fine until I attempted authenticate.  I'm using
>the following...
>        if (ldap_simple_bind_s(ld, "CN=Bob Smith", "Password") != LDAP_SUCCESS
>        {
>                printf("Unable to bind to server.\n");
>                exit(3);
>        }
>And of course it results in an "Unable to bind to server" message.  If I
>use the ldapsearch program that ships with OpenLDAP and return the
>record for Bob Smith it lists that account's DN as "CN=Bob Smith".

Can ldapsearch(1) bind as this user?  If so, then your
program is likely flawed.  If not, maybe the server
provides some information which ldapsearch(1) can
report to you about what's wrong (and, if not, you'll
have to look on the server side from some hint as to
what's wrong).

Note: Users generally have DNs comprised of multiple RDNs
(as person objects are rarely placed at the top-level of
the name space).

>Does Domino ...

You should direct questions about Domino to a list about Domino.

>Can I trust the results of ldapsearch for anything?

I trust ldapsearch(1) to print an LDIF representation of
the entry returned by the server.