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Trouble with Authenticating...

I'm writing a program using the OpenLDAP libraries and everything seemed
to be going along just fine until I attempted authenticate.  I'm using
the following...

	if (ldap_simple_bind_s(ld, "CN=Bob Smith", "Password") != LDAP_SUCCESS
		printf("Unable to bind to server.\n");

And of course it results in an "Unable to bind to server" message.  If I
use the ldapsearch program that ships with OpenLDAP and return the
record for Bob Smith it lists that account's DN as "CN=Bob Smith".  I'm
using the correct password, what am I missing?  Does Domino use another
format for the DN and is lying to me in the results of ldapsearch?  Can
I trust the results of ldapsearch for anything?  Any advice is much